At The MA*th Tutor SG, we aspire to make Mathematics tuition simple and accessible, online, through our website.

We strongly believe that every child, as much as possible, is entitled to equal opportunities in the pursuit of knowledge for the betterment of their future. 


Our website provides an in- depth analysis of popular questions (i.e. how they are structured, keywords that are commonly used, close examination of the problems statement sentence by sentence and the techniques/ approach to be adopted in solving these questions) through videos.


At The MA*th Tutor SG, we believe that parents who are equipped with the knowledge, skills and understanding of their children's homework/ assignments/ syllabus can better facilitate their children's learning.


Eliminate the hassle and costly alternatives of other Math Programme. We at The MA*th Tutor SG welcome you on board this journey with us.


Over the years, the Primary School Maths syllabus has undergone changes. Most notably, the syllabus places more emphasis on developing students’ problem-solving abilities and and thinking skills when they are doing questions which require them to ‘think out of the box’.


Rote learning (memorising by constantly doing the same practice over and over again till perfection) is NO LONGER something that one needs to do to ACE that Math Exams!


Hence, today, the honing of one’s ability to see and approach 1 question from a multitude of perspectives, SUPPLEMENTED BY concepts from several topics AS WELL AS trying out creative problem solving methods to answer 1 question is the norm.


So you might be wondering, creative problem solving, thinking outside of the box in addition to the fundamental concepts... how is my child able to solve every question within 5 minutes?


THAT is when we at The MA*th Tutor SG comes in


Exam Paper Setters nowadays are getting more creative. We at The MA*th Tutor SG want your child see that there are endless ways a question can be phrased.


For example, no longer will question ask for the length of a rectangle given the area and the breadth. In this case a student would simply take Area ➗ Breadth to find the Length.


Now, to find the length of a rectangle, question will give both the area and perimeter.

A sample question would be:

The area of a rectangle is 85 square cm. The perimeter of the same rectangle is 44 cm. Find the length of the rectangle. So how to approach this question?


THAT is when we at The MA*th Tutor SG comes in


We at The MA*th Tutor SG aspire to introduce students, via our website AND Facebook Page:, to a wide range of questions, which not only test students on the fundamental concepts (numerical, geometrical, algebraic, statistical, probabilistic and analytical) but also stretch their thinking when doing questions across the topics of whole numbers, fractions, decimals, percentages, ratios, speed, area and volume!


We hope that through our sample questions, students can develop their skills in Reasoning, the Heuristics Processes and Thinking, Numerical Calculation, Algebraic Manipulation, Spatial Visualisation, Data Analysis, Measurement and Estimation, inculcate the belief, confidence and interest as well as develop an appreciation for Maths. Equally as important, through our questions, students are able to monitor their own thinking.




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